Representative international financial loan: Plug and permanent war and entrepreneurship

Since 2016-05-24 10:45 (Baghdad time)

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Deputy Parliamentary Finance Committee said Sarhan Ahmed, on Tuesday, Iraq got loans from the International Monetary Fund to bridge the shortfall, noting that oil revenue sufficient to pay the staff.

Ahmed said of the balance of the loan, "news by the International Monetary Fund to Iraq will fill part of the shortfall now", adding that "the Iraqi State will help to advance its economy.

In Iraq, a clear need that loan to permanent war and some investment projects ", noting that" staff salaries paid from oil revenues and are sufficient. "

He continued, that "Iraq is able to pay the salaries of his employees.

This was criticized by the parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, Sunday, Iraq judicially mandated by the International Monetary Fund in the continued waste of public money and corruption in government departments