The United Nations set up camps in Habbaniyah Amiriyah Fallujah to receive displaced people (Details)
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The United Nations announced on the number of families managed to escape from Fallujah and access to the camps by the body to them.

Said Leila Jane Nassif, Assistant High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees ( UNHCR ) representative in Iraq (protection officer) that the Iraqi government has informed the UN at the end of last March it will open safe corridors to allow civilians to move out of the city of Fallujah.

She said if the population was able to leave through one of these corridors, the Commission has set up with the capacity to accommodate a thousand families in Habbaniyah Amiriyah Fallujah camps.

She pointed to the existence of plans ready for all humanitarian agencies to emergency situations and is ready to provide assistance to people - both displaced people in the camps as well as for those who remained in the city, when it can be accessed and declared safe area.

She added that as with the UNHCR in Baghdad confounded emergency tent of ten thousand and ten thousand a package of basic relief supplies that can be used to help families.

Nassif said he was reporting the escape of 80 families from Fallujah during the past few days. Also reportedly killed three people while trying to escape.

She explained that the Commission conduct a rapid assessment of needs, as well as its willingness to distribution of basic relief supplies packages for newly displaced families.

Nassif pointed out that the flight of families from Fallujah, in some cases, the lives lost as they make their way out of Fallujah, including women and children account.

She said some families managed to escape through the tractive and then on to the main road between Amiriyah Fallujah and the city of Fallujah, while other families have fled by crossing agricultural fields , which lies between the Amiriyah Fallujah and the city of Fallujah.

Families who succeeded in escaping with Iraqi security forces in Habbaniyah military base, who in turn isolate the men and older boys from women and children for further security verification has been met.

She stressed that the verification process initially expire in two days, expressing concern about the safety of the men who have been dismissed, not to mention their wives and children who are facing a situation very weak in particular.

UNHCR expressed its concern about the safety of some ten thousand families have not been able to leave Fallujah , and they are now in a precarious situation too. "