Mokhtar set 400 in Baghdad

2016/5/24 14:29

[Where - Baghdad]

Said Baghdad Governor Ali al-Tamimi, on Tuesday announced the appointment of 400 selected to distribute throughout the capital and so to contribute to the support of the security reality.

Tamimi said in a statement, "it has been nearly 400 Mukhtar are distributed to the general areas of the capital set," noting that "the chosen role is very important as it will contribute to the support of the security reality through the inventory of population areas and villages responsible for them and shops as well as keeping regular records containing information for each family and update details information and variables periodically to births, death, change of housing. "

He said, "Among the duties of the chosen pointing families returning and displaced from different areas or villages, including slums in special records as well as the coordination with the office of information and offices Tag Property police stations to install information, along with a police escort agencies and security services during the investigation and inspection in case of wanted individuals to justice and other details. "

Al-Tamimi said that "the chosen will be an important link will contribute to the achievement of many information security services and will facilitate a lot of measures for the citizens."