Arresting 3315 required and destroying 10 supplements "terrorists" in Basra

2016/05/23 16:39


Wasit governorate police announced Monday, arresting 3315 accused among them are wanted on charges of "terrorism" by security operations during the past 30 days in different parts of the province, Kut status, (180 miles) South of Baghdad, while destroying ten additives terrorists and neutralize ten houses and ten kegs of tuning of (C4) high explosive.

Wasit police commander major general Umer Rashid Zuid, at a press conference held at the police headquarters building and his presence (range), that "the outcome of security operations by police and Wasit, within one month, the end of the day, included the arrest of 660 required according to different legal materials including 18 is required according to article 4 of the law on combating terrorism and 2652 against the law and the three accused traffickers of narcotic pills and another number of muggers.

"Zuid" different police formations in Basra carried out during the period of proactive process North spend Essaouira, (135 km north of Kut) arrested a group of terrorists and ten kegs of tuning of (c4) high explosive bomb dismantling barricades in 56 areas of security forces aimed at adding to find ten terrorists and destroy the additives and the dismantling of 10 houses bomb.

Zuid, noted that "among the security outcome results during the month, the detection of four robberies took place in different areas of the province, in addition to detecting 13 robberies and one kidnapping and arrest the accused arms trafficker with a gun in his possession," adding that "most perpetrators are caught in the grip of the security forces and they are in custody at present to complete the investigation and await sentencing jurisdiction".

The Wasit governorate and its Alcott (180 km southeast of Basra) a remarkable security stability but you get from time to time some minor criminal incidents in terrorist operations are not little.