Reformist Deputy reveals near 140 deputies bloc formed to support the Government of "technocrats"

2016/06/23 15:24


Detect Vice "Frente", Monday, close formation new block comprising 140 deputies from different blocks "ending sharecropping and support new Government technocrats," promised that political blocs experienced political and not sectarian divisions, guessed that splitting Parliament into two blocs.

He said about Basra azeem talking to Ajman (range), "Parliament attends both legislative and regulatory disruption because of the current political situation", stating that "the political blocs is experiencing political and not sectarian divisions, each block has multiple views."

Ajman said, "the current situation is heading toward two representation block represents the current Government, and the second represents the opposition," returned to "is true path towards democracy, to activate the supervisory role and end political and sectarian quotas.

Reformist mp, said "the coming days will witness the formation of a large mass of 130-140 seats, comprising members of different blocks and attended by members of large blocks currently, mostly representatives of protesters," adding that "this block will play a big role in ending political and sectarian quotas, support Government new technocrats".

She was head of the PUK block only Talabani returned Sunday, any attempt to hit parliamentary institution "that would wipe out the democratic process and a violation of the Iraqi Constitution," supported "House reunion attempts to get real and comprehensive reform," and invited all the blocks to "resolve differences through constitutional mechanisms and laws in force and the primacy of the public interest", confirmed that its mass would attend the Parliament session.

He was the spokesman of Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi, Sunday, no House sessions "disruptive to the interests of the citizens and damage to State institutions," and renewed the invitation for a meeting of Parliament to resume work, urging all political forces to "close ranks and fortify the internal front."