Deputy for the National: Convention on the abolition of Erbil and move new agreements will generate new problems
On: Sun 01/04/2012 14:17

Baghdad (news) .. Said MP / National Alliance / Ali inch, the Convention on the abolition of Erbil and move new agreements will generate new problems exacerbate the political crisis.
He said an inch in a statement (of the Agency news) on Sunday: The Convention on the Erbil had been agreed upon by all was the application of a number of them, and the idea of ​​abolition and move a new agreement through the National Congress, they will create problems of a new political exacerbate the crisis in the Iraqi arena, stressing the need to reveal all details of the agreement and in particular points of confidentiality.
The MP for the National: on the political blocs to sit and talk about the Constitution according to the points of contention between the political blocs, and then add new paragraphs have to ask it.
And was a member of the Turkmen Front MP / coalition in Iraq / Auzmn Hassan al-Bayati, disclosed that the existing leaders will meet this evening to clarify the position of the National Congress.
Bayati said (the news): The Iraqi List, will hold a meeting today to clarify its position on non-attendance at meetings of the Preparatory Committee and the National Congress, as well as the meeting will talk about the Iraqi demands to be raised during the conference, indicating the following: that the list is determined to implement all the demands of the remainder of the agreement of Arbil as well as resolve issues that occurred after the Convention, including the issues of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq.
The Iraqi MP: All the decisions to be taken during this meeting will be recommendations by the attendees.