Parliamentary legal: Federal Court received statements of both sides of the lawsuit

Last updated: May 23, 2016-12:35 pm

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-

parliamentary legal Committee announced, Monday, that the parties to the proceedings on the legality of two Federal Court handed over to house all the data for a lawsuit that would consider it next Wednesday.

Deputy member of the Committee said Ibtisam Al-hilali said: "both sides of the case on the legality of its surrender all data relating to the case and are currently in Federal Court.

Hilali said, "access to case-related data will contribute to speeding up court to resolve the issue and the final judgement and hyperbolic", stating that "the current circumstance allowed any delay in resolving the issue."

The spokesman for the Federal judicial authority announced in a press release that the Federal Supreme Court Thursday received 12/5/2016 three lawsuits filed by deputies at the unconstitutional