Ala Talabani: We will attend the next session of parliament and do the role of the legislative institution
[Where - Baghdad]
head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc announced that the bloc deputies will attend the next session of parliament and Nnaakecon all failures inside the Dome of the Council.
She called Ala Talabani said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it to the need to maintain the political system in Iraq through the preservation of the constitutional institutions and respect for the Constitution and the law and to initiate all to attend the next parliamentary session and work to strengthen the legislative and regulatory institution that represents the people 's house and work to forge a comprehensive reforms and a real and deliberate receive Bdilalha on the present and future of the citizen.
she said Talabani that "political problems began to disrupt parliament Wi try to hit the parliamentary institution is a blow to the democratic process and the violation of the Iraqi constitution guarantor of the unity of Iraq and Iraqis , and represents a legal umbrella that live under the shadow of the Iraqi people all of us. "
she blessing and support for all benevolent attempts currently underway to reunite the House of Representatives and to move together to a real and comprehensive reform that includes reform of the entire system of state administration is not limited to just change minister , but beyond to repair the structure and career staff of the ministries and independent bodies and military leaders and all state facilities and activating the supervisory role and the fight against corruption and the corrupt and bring them to justice. "
she stressed that" any reform Trqiei will be the consequence of failure , "indicating that" all the political blocs and the various agencies work to resolve differences through constitutional mechanisms and laws and to maintain public interest and achieve the aspirations of the people. "
he said Talabani will attend the session the next parliament , and we are working to restore the legislative work of the Foundation and activate its oversight role and to discuss all differences and failures that have affected the political process. "