Distribution of this month bonus for athletes heroes and pioneers next week (dog)
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdul-Hussein Abtan the Department of Finance to exchange grant the month of May 2016 to eligible athletes heroes and pioneers.
According to a ministry statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy, " The Abtan During the meeting with the Department of Finance confirmed his commitment to grant entitlements athletes heroes and pioneers as soon as possible without any delay through the mobilization of the efforts of staff in the finance department, as well as menus processing of beneficiaries by unions Department in physical and sports department of education. "
He added that " the grant of the month of May 2016 will be distributed end of next week, after the completion of formalities , "explaining that" the payment will be by {MasterCard}, and {ironing Card} as well as direct delivery from the Department of Finance for those who do not have the cards above. "
the statement said , " as for the months of April and May dues for 2015, which is the last remaining ancient benefits of last year owed by the ministry, the ministry was forced to give in two installments; the lack of liquidity offer in full, and will be delivered to the first meal the sequence 1 to 1643 sequencing of the grant in April with the next grant for the month of May on the other batch of April dues received in 2015 from the sequence 1643 to 2834 in the month of June. " He continued , " will also grant the month of May 2015 delivered in two batches also, for the same sequences during the July monthly, next WAP; to be closed any previous dues owed by the ministry for athletes heroes and pioneers ", stressing the ministry 's keenness on providing benefits athletes heroes and pioneers, which is less than everything possible to provide for this segment of the door to fulfill stated her religion after he served the Iraqi sports for years throughout, and it raised the name of Iraq high above the crowning achievement platforms. " Ended http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=117605