The Jordanian Minister of Transport: Open Trebil crossing is soon after its liberation from the grip of "Daash" terrorist

May 22, 2016 6:23
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The Jordanian Minister of Transport announced that Ayman Hatahet open Trebil border crossing between Jordan and Iraq is soon after purified by Iraqi forces and defeat the gang (Daash terrorist) from the wet area.

Hatahet said in a press statement Tabathukalh pratha news today that those areas bordering cleanse its positive impact on trade between the two countries, pointing out that Iraq is one of the most important trading partners of the Kingdom.

In the same context, Jordanian sources said that "no specific date for reopening the Trebil border" crossing between Jordan and Iraq, asserting that the crossing on the Jordanian ready for action at any time.

The sources added in a statement quoted by Today newspaper opinion of Jordan, "said Jordan looks forward to the completion of brotherly Iraq secured adjacent to the border crossing, road areas and the ends of the logistics needs that must accompany the re-opening evaluate, especially since the crossing has been closed for more than two years."

The sources said that when Iraq completion of this task procedures are discussed later on when it runs procedures for the return of the wild flow of commercial traffic between the two countries, stressing that "Trebil crossing on the Jordanian side is ready to the fullest to resume the opening of the crossing."

She noted that the re-opening of the crossing is a strategy of high interest to Jordan and Iraq, adding that the crossing is the main artery for commercial traffic between the two countries.