The start of the Conference and Exhibition 2016 Arab Iraq, reconstruction and investment in the Jordanian capital , Amman, with the participation of Iraqi dense

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Was launched in the Jordanian capital Amman, on Sunday evening, business Matmromard Arab Iraq in 2016, Aammarostosmar, organized by the Arab Contractors Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, to showcase investment projects Alaamarwalfrs available in various sectors in Iraq's current and future phases.

And turns Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Alnsorlavtaatah Almatmroualemard, and Ziralascan Works Sami Halsah which gave a speech he praised the brotherly relations between Iraq and Jordan ,.

Also thrown at the opening ceremony, Chairman of the Federation of Arab Contractors words and Ambassralaraca in Jordan and the Secretary General of the Council of Economic Unity stressed the importance of supporting Iraq in the face of the financial crisis that Amrabha now.

Almatmralve and participate in the two-day meeting, ministers and officials, Iraqi and Jordanian and Arab senior, as well as businessmen, economists, bankers and representatives of companies and institutions, public and private Saudi funding.

Opened on the sidelines of Almatmraleom Sunday was held on an area of ​​1500 square meters, which included samples of construction materials and equipment construction and other related to water, electricity, infrastructure, financial institutions and banks from all Arab countries services exhibition.

Iraqi participants and them and displays the ministers and senior officials, during Almatmralosman sessions, opportunities Alastosmaralamtahh in Iraq and the size of the necessary funding for the completion of stalled projects

Also offering Iraqi and Arab Doralmassarv in sustainable development, and the role of re-Aamaralamnatq Fund affected by the terrorist attacks, and the funding needed to re Aammarabanny infrastructure in Iraq, primarily hospitals, schools and electricity.

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