Parliamentary security Baghdad Operations Commander: your routine practice and didn't live up to the face of danger

Since 2016-05-22 at 14:03 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad the balance of news

The parliamentary security and Defence Committee hosted headed by Governor of Iraq and the presence of the members of the Committee, on Sunday, major General Abdul Amir Baghdad Operations Commander shammari and his Entourage to discuss the security situation and recent violations in Baghdad.

Information service said in a statement to the House of representatives and received/balance of news/copy of it, it's "hosting that held the constitutional Hall house building to discuss ways of developing the work of Baghdad operations command and activate the joint coordination with the ministries of defence and Interior and other security devices.

Iraq stressed "the need to find real measures that will keep the Iraqi blood," adding that "the current procedures for routine and still didn't rise yet to counter the threat to the country."

He stressed "the importance of pursuing external checkpoints work accurately and provide modern computers and cameras to detect explosives as well as reducing internal checkpoints as needed in Baghdad."

He stressed that the recommendations that will emerge by hosting will take into consideration the following agreement between the parliamentary security and Defence Committee and the Commander would be used. Over 29/4 e