Saraya peace: Do not move our units inside Baghdad or near the green or intention to us for any military action in the capital
Dated: 05/21/2016 Saturday

Islamic Resistance "Saraya peace , " stressed that he did not move to pieces Saraya inside Baghdad or near the Green Zone, stressing there is no intention of any military action in Baghdad.
The leader of Saraya Safaa al - Tamimi said , "Saraya peace spread in holy Samarra and the island west of Samarra until Basin Jabber on the wall of Karbala in the same breakers of our operations and move our units inside Baghdad or near the green Zone and the intention to have any military action in Baghdad, noting that " the post - aid Saraya peace to the wounded who were injured as a result of throwing bullets at demonstrators and firing tear gas led to many cases of suffocation among the demonstrators and a number of media. " Tamimi said , " We are committed to the orders of our leadership of His Eminence leader Muqtada al - Sadr (Oazza God) which requires our presence in the surveys of honor and Jihad against both raped one inch of the land of Iraq , the pure.