Abadi: We will not tolerate those over public money in green
Saturday 21 May 2016
- 0:36

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that what happened the day of the storming of the institutions of state inside the Green Zone and tampering with public money can not be accepted or tolerated the perpetrators, stressing that the law must take its course on each horseshoe.

Ebadi said in a televised speech, late Friday night followed tow, said that there are infiltrators are dragging the country into chaos and attack on security forces in Baghdad and emerging manifestations of armed within cities rather than face organize Daash terrorist on the battlefield, in a move to disrupt the momentum of victories Tstrha security forces during a raid by state institutions and tampering with public money.

Abadi added that these infiltrators trying to disrupt the steps undertaken by the government in the area of reform in the economic sphere, as well as the achievements in the arena of confrontation, noting that such attempts to prove that the government is going in the right direction, he said.

The new Abadi his call for the Iraqi people to caution and vigilance of those who are seeking to create chaos to achieve their ambitions, while also called on citizens and political forces to unite in order to respond to the conspiracies lurking and the Baathists allied with al Daash terrorist who carry out terrorist acts in the cities of rhythm rift between the citizens and the state security forces , to save Aldoaash on the one hand and the disruption of services, as happened in the sabotage of the facilities of electricity, gas and other other.

Abadi and drew everyone to stand behind the security forces and the popular crowd to achieve the final victory and the rejection of political differences aside, stressing that the government was still with the demands of peaceful protesters, and with the security forces, which had shown utmost restraint and respect.

The military accused the media cell, on Friday, "aggregates riot" that tried to "exposure" to attack government institutions "Many of our armed forces with knives."

Announced joint operations, on Friday, fully control the "unfortunate events" that occurred in the Green presidential region, as pointed out exploitation "Mendsh elements" for busy security forces battles of Fallujah. http://almirbad.com/news/view.aspx?cdate=21052016&id=a9c643a5-43d9-4b35-92fd-ba13b81a287c