The advancement of the national production is subject to planning

5/22/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shatha Faraj

between the number of people interested in economic affairs need to speed to take the necessary steps for the advancement of the industrial production through the privatization of state - owned factories , which lacks feasibility as well as providing factors to attract foreign investment in order to achieve self - sufficiency.

According interested in economic affairs spokesman Janabi: Ban « among the ways that must be made ​​for the advancement of the industry is to find a modern capitalist industry and reduce the influence of the public sector and handed over to the private sector and the imposition of taxes on the private sector ».

among Janabi« the importance of an economic committee comprising the Federation of industries and the Iraqi chambers of commerce and industrialists, economists and money as well as scientific competencies in Iraqi universities «he said al - Janabi , « and for the work of those steps should be applied to the tariff. in
the specialist Taha
Khazraji: «of solutions that we have to deal with it for the advancement of national industry is the reduction of the import process and complete willingness new industrial to the reality, as well as the inclusion of workers social security sector, and to make public sector pay close to private sector salaries.

he saw economic Jamal al - Tai said «ways to activate the industrial sector in Iraq is to develop a strategy to build an advanced industrial system in Iraq plans according to the latest global technology in industrialized countries.

among the importance of improving and encouraging the private sector and make it a competitor for government industries and to benefit from the return of capital as there are more than $ 40 billion Iraqi capital invested in neighboring countries are producing goods and services.

He stressed the importance of supporting the specialized banks to provide businessmen and investors Iraqis to loans and advances to set up a medium - sized production projects the small and the benefits of incentive for the advancement of the Iraqi economy, and put the tax on imported goods to protect national production and maintain hard currency.

He pointed to the need to start the privatization process at the laboratories and government factories that lack of economic feasibility with secure social security employees for employees, noting the importance of benefiting from international expertise and bring in foreign capital to set up a strategic factories in the country to meet the local need of goods and services with a focus on quality and quality so as to provide hard currency for the