Investments in Iraq enjoys international support

5/22/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb

Deputy Economic prime Baghdad forum spokesman Antoine legitimate interest in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development by investing in Iraq and ways to be activated after the stand at the most important determinants and work to overcome them in order to serve the international investment effort and regional wishing to work in Iraq.

He said Antoine in an interview with « Sabah »said the project titled improve the business and investment climate in Iraq working to help the Iraqi government to set up a policy framework for a more attractive investment for the implementation of investments, and increase the government 's ability in the field of encouraging and promoting Ki attracted better and keep him, especially in the strategic sectors for economic development in Iraq over the long term, pointing out that he was seeking through work on investment zones in Iraq group, to support the government's efforts to establish a framework enables the development of special economic zones. amend the law and pointed to the modern concrete results of the Iraq project Organization for economic cooperation and development that the most important and at the request of counterparts from the national investment Commission and the Council of Representatives, the project will analyze and formulate recommendations for the second amendment to the law of the Iraqi investment for the year 2006, introduced some of the recommendations in the final version of the law , issued in October 2015, the project also supports the active and positive legal initiatives and encourages on investment through expert consulting on policy and capacity building, for example the law of arbitration agreements and bilateral investment. business climate

Antoine between the project was discussed with officials in the Iraqi government and international experts and experts in the Organization for economic cooperation and development ( OECD ) activities recently carried out and its results and Totarparwa Iraq OECD economic as well as lessons learned for future cooperation in the field of development in Iraq and the countries that live in fragile or conflict - affected conditions, as well as Iraq 's efforts to improve the business and investment climate and how to contribute to Iraq project in these efforts, as well as the future to further improve economic, political, legal and institutional reforms investment framework for action. He pointed out the value of the posts before the Iraqi delegation showed the most important ways to work presented by Prime Minister Dr. adviser.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, representatives of the Ministries of Industry, Planning and members of the House of Representatives and the President of the Baghdad Economic Forum Fares al - Salman and the Association of Iraqi banks and the National Business Council of the Iraqi National Investment Commission.

Investment Promotion said dealt with the project sessions to encourage investment and the paths being a key element in attracting foreign investment and keep it in Iraq, where encouraging Alasttmarwaltroyj him an integral part of Iraq's efforts to attract local and foreign investments alike, pointing out that the participants ate the role of investment promotion agencies in Iraq to facilitate the investment in the preparation of specific investment projects. And the experience of other bodies to encourage investment.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD ) has supported the Iraqi government in improving the national and international legal framework for investment. Provided, in particular , an analysis of the investment law when he was the subject of re - examination in his texts, and made ​​specific proposals to deal with the Iraqi secured precisely, and has built legal advisers and negotiators capabilities in investment agreements and international.