Maliki's coalition calls for demonstrations, not to make an introduction to "overthrow the state" and calling for the prosecution of corruption whales

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BAGHDAD / Sky Press: Mary finest

Parliament called for a coalition of state law, the Sabbath, to not to make demonstrations to topple the state input and internal strife, as demanded of the judiciary and the prosecution to speed up trial proceedings whales corruption of politicians.

The bloc chairman Ali al-Adeeb said in a statement received by "Sky Press," that "at a time when we bless the victories of the people of our armed forces and popular crowd and the sons of the tribes on Daash terrorist gangs and edit many of the cities, we affirm the legitimate right to demonstrate peacefully and to demand reforms legitimate, but we We emphasize that not be the demonstrations at the same time a cause to stir internal discord and strife between pro-reform factions, and a gateway to topple the state institutions, and not be an obstacle to free up more Iraqi territory from Conception Daash terrorist gangs, especially since the preparations have to liberate Fallujah and Mosul. "

He added, "The reform adopted by the state and supported by the religious authorities and political forces sincere, the latest mobility great public calls from everyone concerted efforts in order to achieve a practical reality and a way that does not affect the foundations of the political process, and does not violate internal security does not stop the editing operations, we can reform be achieved breaking the law and distracting security services for its primary mission at this critical stage, but which is to achieve the final victory over terrorism. "

He called the writer to "that the government speed up the procedures reform at all levels to improve the living conditions of citizens and to achieve justice and to address the imbalances in the political, administrative, economic and security fields."

He also called that "political forces working faithfully together, to come out by the realistic to get out of the political bottleneck faced by the country, and that bear the political blocs responsibility firmly, to find a legal and constitutional way out of the parliamentary crisis that has disrupted held back again to perform his works and to exercise its role in legislation and censorship. "

He called the writer that "the judiciary initiate public prosecution to speed up the trial of whales corruption of politicians and other measures in order to recover the people's money looted without hesitation or slowing down," calling for "the masses of demonstrators took to the observance of laws and a commitment to the places specified for demonstrations and to Aasmhawwa anyone to infiltrate them to offend their legitimate demands and tarnish the image the exercise of true freedom. "

He concluded the head of state law calling for the parliamentary "Iraqi our people to rally around the armed forces and the sons of the popular crowd and support all the capabilities to achieve victory soon and the final on criminal gangs Daash."
The demonstrators had stormed on Friday reiterated the Green Zone with security forces responded by throwing tear gas forced them to withdraw and imposed through the Baghdad Operations Command curfew continued for hours.

He accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, what he described as "infiltrators" in the stand behind the storming of the Green Zone Friday and stressed that "what happened to break into the state institutions and tampering with public money can not accept it with the laxity of the perpetrators and that the law must take its course on each horseshoe."

Abadi also called on "citizens' political and national forces to unite and respond to conspiracies lurking Baathists allied with Aldoaash criminals and terrorists who are acting in the cities to the rhythm of discord between the citizens and the state