Jordan stresses near the port opening post with Iraq

Publish date: today, 10:39

Baghdad/sky press:

Jordanian Transport Minister Ayman , Saturday, to open the border post crossing between Iraq and Jordan around the corner, asserting that there is no official statements from the Iraqi side to start the flow of goods between the two countries.

said in a statement seen by the "sky", "view area is cleared of mines planted by terrorists", stating that "those areas along the border between the two countries had a positive impact on trade between the two countries."

added that "Iraq is the most important trading partners of the Kingdom".

Military units were secured, on Friday, the international road that connects Baghdad with Jordan, and took control of the border post at port.

It comes after a few hours of full restoration of Rutba and defeat terrorist elements and chasing ISIS in the desert in order to eliminate them, or deported to the North Bank of the Euphrates River.

The view port Mentar movement of commercial goods flow between the two alternatives, while other outlets but not dedicated to those business processes.