This Jacobean reference position of yesterday's events. Warnings of "toolies" and calls for rationality

Publish date: today, 10:25

Baghdad Hassan shammari:

Religious authority called Mohammed El yaagoubi, Saturday, demonstrators to act with "wisdom" and within the mechanisms and tools adopted by sensible people and human rights laws guaranteed, given a chance to "weak" prejudice "security" of the country and its institutions and public interests.

Ya'qubi said in a statement sent "sky" I ", our pain, and we were worried by the political and security situation and the country's economic and humanitarian until today (yesterday) Friday, from violent confrontations between security forces and demonstrators, injuring dozens of those dear to us, at a time we need to unite with the armed forces and triumph after victories in many fronts with terrorism and the enemies of Iraq."

"A lot of genuine demands that protesters loyal to achieve waste because of the actions of some weak who want to turn the tables on everyone and returns to the past", calling on the demonstrators to "behave wisely and within the mechanisms and means approved by sensible people and human rights laws guaranteed and not give a chance for anyone who wants the security of the country and its institutions and public interests."

He demanded an "political leaders can pick up their mistakes and sins and review their behaviour and care about the people's rights and address its problems raising grievances about him before it's too late", warning that "these alarms they save them will not one what they think they're staging, long position before God Almighty, they are able to solve problems because they are the ones who made it, provided there is a genuine will to solve and save the country and serve the people and they will find all help them and help them."

He said the faithful had many projects qualified to fix situations and not that they return to their senses and they be divested of about ananiathm and motivation to sharpen the fruitful work hard. "

And saw the green zone on Friday, breaking in new by angry protesters, who entered the Cabinet Secretariat, and Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, and is charged with protecting the region's forces fired live and rubber bullets, besides using tear gas to disperse them, leaving them out of the whole area late Friday.