Iraqi industry .. pursuit of creating a balance between import and export

5/21/2016 0:00

Abdul - Zahra Mohammed Hindawi , the
finger is always going to describe the Iraqi economy as a single - yield oil hand, face and tongue .. He is also without a doubt in the absence of other economic sectors that could be a competitor honorable oil and graduated economy from these abhorrent unilateralism that has claimed us to shafts perdition .. was this absence is justifiable reasons and circumstances different.

If we want to divide this absence to stage the 2003 will is the interval between these two phases before the date mentioned was the government 's orientations are the militarization of society and occupancy in wars and problems with neighboring countries since 1980 until the fall system and the agriculture, industry and tourism sectors have been wiped emphasis was placed on imports to meet the local need with all the harness factories for the manufacture of ammunition and weapons within mIC, it has canceled all plans and economic policies and ridiculed all the resources derived from foreign debt - which later became known as indebted poor -

or the sale of oil after the application of the oil for food and medicine , the principle was the result of industry and agriculture paralysis and declining tourism and left Iraq after the end of the war with Iran , a convicted billions of dollars and it was before entering the war has reserves estimated at 40 billion dollars .. important concluded that dark era in all its details the change , which carries the hope desirable that we find the Iraqi products have filled the markets, this course was expected to happen when the economy is shifting from a socialist to a market economy is the sovereignty of the private sector in the development of all joints process ..

but the problem is that none of this did not happen the economy has remained without a clear identity in the light of the continued dominance of the public sector and the lack of space in which moving the private sector .. and the public sector is known severe Bouapoukratith that produced us havoc hit all the joints of life and hit them fatal .. often raised question seems logical .. is Why Iraq was unable to develop its industry or export some of its products with a product overflowing local need which are required in other countries such as dates, and Iraq is at the forefront of date producing countries ..

not the case only this product but there are other products and raw materials available export quantities such as the Iraqi cement known high Bmoasfath and we have quite a few cement production plants which produce good kinds of it and able to meet domestic need and export Other amounts .. there gravel material available also in Iraq and in quantities enormous be exported with a huge demand for these products and materials by Gulf states and other countries?

as we have already said that the absence of Iraq 's industry was justified and has its cause (and absentee excuse him always) it is among the reasons is to destroy the infrastructure of most of the factories as a result of the bombing of the during the 2003 war and worn out and gave each other in both cases they need to rehabilitate and rehabilitation needed money and the money needed to sources and resources become scarce after the decline in oil prices ..

but there are other reasons behind the absence of our national industry and was the outcome of this absence that Iraq has become the countries with high trade balances, but the import side, in the sense that we import more than export or to export almost absent, even palms that Iraq is the first country globally produced were not able to export it , as is the case with cement , which increases the production of the need for the Iraqi market, but the worst of this we import dates as we import cars, import cement as we import aircraft ..

this is a matter of pain really, especially as we pass through a severe economic crisis . If we were able to export what we have got good financial resources and gradually we have led us out the economy from oil Ahadath .. but prevents us from exporting and encourage the private sector are the decisions issued by Bremer in 2003 and prevent whereby the export of any local product out of Iraq.

Since then we are committed to those decisions with the encouragement of multi - party beneficiaries of the import process !! .. And I think the conditions that we are experiencing today has become favorable to revisit many of the laws and regulations , both those that were issued during the reign of Bremer or before and even beyond in order to breathe life into the body of our national industry and then find appropriate alternatives to the financing of the economy and take it out of the oil Ahadath.

The It is time to sweep all traces of Bremer as part of the government reform process and activate support for the agriculture sector and industry decisions.