Judicial authorities in Karbala call senior officials from muggers to check suspicions raised about security trench project

May 20, 2016 9:03 pm

Judicial authorities summoned senior officials to check suspicions raised about the draft security trench West of Karbala.

According to a judicial source n the number of administrators and managers and engineers was finished and others will be in court on suspicions of corruption in the trench and shops for $ 16 billion.

According to the report of the Office of financial supervision on the trench in Karbala, that three members of the Board of Karbala, on cars (Toyota) Thai origin, through a project security trench West of Karbala.

The report stated that the "security moat detection, ensure that processing cars type (double his gambling) Japanese origin model 2014, based on the instructions of the federal budget implementation for the year 2013, which provides buying cars for the realization of field supervision and monitoring the implementation of the project, but the project holders have delivered number (2) car to the Supervisory Committee.

The report added that "administrators of the project delivered three cars to three members of the provincial Council, without being connected to the project.

The report said that "the price of the car is (58,000,000) fifty-eight million dinars, a type (Toyota) Thai origin". The report stressed that "these wheels are granted to the members of the Council should give to the Commission, which implements and oversees the work of the project of the ditch," Noting "the existence of suspicions of corruption in the contract of purchase wheels and that was supposed to be a Japanese origin, with subsequent imported wheels type (Toyota) Thai origin".

Prosecutors opened a judicial investigation in Karbala about Western moat file had suspicions of corruption.