Two protesters injured by shooting from the security forces while trying to break into the Green Zone
Long-Presse / Baghdad
) Correspondent (range Press that two of the followers of the Sadrist protesters on Friday, were wounded after being shot by security forces while trying to break into the group of protesters Green Zone in central Baghdad.
The reporter said, that the security forces fired live bullets and tear gas at a group of protesters tried to storm the Sadrist legislation gate in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, wounding two demonstrators, one of them seriously injured.
The reporter, said that the security forces were trying to keep protesters away from the gate leading to the legislation the House of Representatives as prime minister inside the Green Zone.
Hundreds of supporters of the Sadrist movement crossed the bridge of the Republic after protesting in Tahrir Square on their way to the Green Zone in central Baghdad.إصابة-اثنين-من-المتظاهرين-بإطلاق-نا