Inspectorate of Justice to resolve 328 cases since 2010-2015

2016/5/20 18:18

[Oan- Baghdad]

Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice has issued its annual report for 2015, containing the most important activities of the office during the past year in 2015.

The inspector general of the Justice Department / Agency rights activist Jamal Taher al-Asadi, the ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "The report included investigative issues for the years 2010- 2014, which was completed of which 80 cases and the number of investigative issues completed for 2015 amounted to 132 lawsuit, in addition to the 116 issue of investigative with various judicial departments in the provinces. "

He said the Inspector General for Justice, said that "the report included financial refunds to the state treasury, amounting to 495 million and 275 thousand and 992 dinars, pounding fines of lagging companies in the implementation of its commitments, adding that the recommended rerun sums to the state treasury amounted to 69 billion and 698 million and 466 thousand and 87 dinars, the value of the manipulation of the Directorate of Land registry in the cities regarding bank loans. "

The report pointed out that "the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice held a 68 meeting with general managers and advisers in the ministry, to enhance the cooperation between the Office of the Inspector departments of justice, in addition to the guidance in the introduced [cabins mobile] complaints, and the involvement of the office staff in the various courses, seminars, conferences and workshops."