Kurdish deputy: infallible encounters with political parties to develop a national meeting to resolve the crisis.

2016/5/20 15:10

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The Kurdistan Alliance, said that the move of the President Fouad Massoum and his meetings with political blocs including Kurdish, is to develop a national meeting to resolve the current crisis.

Abdullah said Iraq agency Ares [where] there is a serious attempt of infallible to resolve the crisis in the country, asking for political blocs, including the Kurdish blocs during his visit to Kurdistan, develop a national meeting or a unified programme out of the current crisis. "

He noted that "the initiative national meeting, bring solutions to produce a definitive agreement of the political crisis, which threw the Western spittle security reality, especially in the capital Baghdad.

"If the masses ' interests conflict with the interests of the country, we get a good result, having each party waives a portion of his right in the public interest, so we get to safety in this difficult time that we go through," adding, "but unfortunately until now and partisan and sectarian partisan interests are prevalent in the political arena."

The President of the Republic Fouad Massoum this month held several meetings with most political parties in Baghdad, and then went to Kurdistan and also held meetings with most of the parties, in order to reach solutions to the current political crisis, which increased in intensity after the protesters to the green zone and entering the House of representatives on April 30 and attacked a number of Deputies.
Following this attack the Kurdistan Alliance refused to return to Baghdad, after providing security assurances and apologies for the assault on Parliament as a response, in addition to solving the problem of the disputed areas and cops.