Basra oil companies are required to send jobs available in 15 days

May 20, 2016 at 10:10 am

Obligated in Basra, local government investment companies working with Italian Zubair oil field INEE, 15 days for the purpose of sending jobs available and supported database to the central operating Office, corporate accounting yelled in violation of Iraqi law.

This came during a meeting held Thursday at the headquarters of Eni in the barjisiyah area under the chairmanship of the President of the oil and gas Commission in Basra Council shaddad Jockey based station of Zubair and Associate Director of the employment office and the Italian company representatives and SOC.

He said oil and gas Committee Chief shaddad Knight that "the meeting stressed the need to encourage secondary firms operating within a company operating within the Zubair field alitalih INEE oil provide employment opportunities available to them within a maximum period of 15 days.

Emphasizing the need to stop foreign employment and compliance with licensing contracts run oil 80% of residents of nearby areas for those businesses and develop new mechanism agreed upon for the purpose of being sent to the Office running.

Noting that "the Government of Basra decided to take decisive action against companies in violation of Iraqi law and investment contracts texts for Iraqi employment and the Tehran contrary, accounting firms, after follow up investigation in accordance with the powers in law 21 of 2008 amended".

Meanwhile, existing station of Zubair llmrbed alhasouna demanded that the meeting came under the guidance of Governor of Basra to develop a new mechanism to support running Office Zubair jobs from oil companies in petroleum walrmilh Zubair field.

Alhasouna pointed out that "there is a meeting next week with minor companies operating within company ENI to activate send data and employment to the employment office via the website in time.

Associate Director of the Office said the central operating Muslim sleazy cream llmrbed to branch offices will continue with oil companies to find jobs for the unemployed.

Stressing that the introduction would be through branch offices in counties and districts through a special form prepared to apply for jobs that further analysis of the oil companies.

It is said that Basra last week opened an Office operating in Zubair, West Province for the purpose of providing employment opportunities for job seekers and is one
of the six branch offices in counties and districts in which firms operate.