Iraqi Official Gazette published an order to refer Dioanaa deputy prime ministers into retirement

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad 's Ministry of Justice announced, on Thursday, for the issuance of the new number of the Gazette of Iraq, indicating that the new issue includes an order Dioanaa refer the Vice - Presidents of the Council of Ministers to retire, in addition to the decision to ban the organization "Daash" sites in all webs . the general director of the facts of Iraq circuit Muhannad Zebra in a statement that " the number (4404) included modification of compulsory insurance of motor vehicle accidents Law Law No. (52) for the year 1980, in addition to the law amending the civil Procedure Law No. (83) for the year 1969". he added Zebra , that " the number included is Dioanaa refer the deputies of the prime minister and the ministers to retire No. (527) and decrees of the Republic and the decision to ban Daash terrorist sites in all webs No. (10) for the year 2016". the issue also included, according to Zebra, " the decision to modify the resolution No. (3) for the year 1987 issued by the Ministry of labor and social Affairs, and instruction fees for services provided by the State Consultative Council No. (5) for the year 2016, and instructions to facilitate the implementation of publishing the law in the official Gazette No. 78 of 1977, data issued by the Central Agency for Standardization and control quality. " The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, decided Sunday (August 9 , 2015), the abolition of the posts of vice President and the Prime Minister" immediately.

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