Deputy for criticizing the conditions of Iraqi law, the five to attend the national meeting and invites them to not to act Bastvzazih
Saturday, March 31 / March 2012 18:58

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates criticized the MP for the State of Law coalition Alfalh Ali, the Iraqi List, the conditions to attend the national meeting, and expressed his hope that the voice of reason prevails and where the block away from the meeting.

He said Alfalh, told {Euphrates News} that "Iraq has succeeded in organizing the Arab summit and to return to the front of the Arab political scene," adding "we wish to build on this success in meeting national and access to it a new spirit away from the principle of imposing conditions or behave in ways provocative. "

And identified the Iraqi List, conditions to attend the national meeting is the implementation of the Convention on Arbil, and stop arbitrary arrests, in addition to stop interfering with the judiciary, and to stay the proceedings is the constitutional right of al-Mutlaq, and an end to the political dimension to the issue Hashemi, also stressed the need to attend the leaders of the front row, led by al-Hakim , and Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, and Masoud Barzani.

He said the independent MP of the coalition of state law by saying, "We hope Iraq to act as the disposal of the Kurdistan Alliance to express his happiness and exchange congratulations successful Arab summit, and hope that dominated the voice of reason and take rational where the lead and come to the meeting to discuss problems and find solutions in a spirit of citizenship and understanding away attempts to disrupt the political process. "

And the requirement to attend the presence of some Iraqi leaders said Alfalh that "this matter is left to the President of the Republic, a patron of the meeting is set to attend and Aahoudr."

And select the president, Jalal Talabani, after consultations with the prime ministers and House of Representatives, the fifth of April next date for a national meeting to resolve the current differences between the political blocs . ended 2