Joint Operations confirm the arrest of the perpetrators of the recent attacks in Baghdad and the recognition of an expanded implemented {}
: 05/19/2016
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Joint Special Operations Command announced that "implementing the terrorists attacks Baghdad last confessed to carrying out the attacks, was arrested in accordance with the accurate intelligence."
According to a statement of the leadership of the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "The cell hawks intelligence mobilized all Mlakatha for the prosecution of executing the bombings, terrorist cells, and the attacks that took place in Baghdad, and through follow-up to a minute gained access to members of terrorist cells and arrest them, and they confessed to carrying out attacks in areas {Husseiniya, rational, NAHRAWAN}, targeting visitors in the session, and the bombing of Oraiba market in Sadr city, and attacks gas plant in the Taji area, the market is 4000, and in the 55 yard Sadr city. " Ended