Democratic change withstand the economic crisis in the region, and stresses: the need to work agreement Baghdad, Erbil
at 12:55 (Baghdad time)
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Carried the Kurdish bloc change, on Thursday, the Kurdistan Democratic Party provincial economic crisis, stressing the need to work Baghdad, Erbil agreement on oil.
The MP for Serwa Abdul Wahid bloc, L / balance News /, "The Kurdistan Democratic Party does not feel responsible for the direction of the Kurdistan Regional staff."
She added that "the KDP reason for non-payment of salaries to the Kurdistan very moment, as the prime minister from the party, one of the leading economic independence," pointing to "the lack of attempts to end the economic crisis in the region."
Abdul Wahid confirmed "the need to return to the agreement between Baghdad and Erbil over oil, because it may contribute to solving some of the problems with regard to the salaries of employees."
She explained that, "without reference to that agreement is not the solution, but by dealing with transparency in the Kurdish oil file, and find out where oil revenues go exported from the region" .anthy