Communications: mobile companies owe us four billion dinars and call Abadi intervene to push it

May 19, 2016 8:05 pm

The communications Ministry confirmed Thursday that the mobile phone companies owed about four billion dinars, while the Ministry indicated the Prime Minister appealed to intervene to compel payment, otherwise you'll have communications and Media Commission claim that, while the Ministry's Inspector General called to modify their code to activate the work against corruption.

And Technical Secretary of the Ministry of communications, Amir Bayati, on the sidelines of the ceremonial residence Ministry today based in Aby noas, central Baghdad, marking the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the Office of the Inspector General, to "the Office established in this day of 2004, form the first trench to counter corruption", calling for the need to "develop the IGO in State services commensurate with their challenges."

And the funds arising from mobile phone companies, "said Bayati, the Ministry has required those companies to pay their debts to the State," adding that "communications and Media Commission is concerned with obtaining the debts by those companies being Contracting."

The agent said that "mobile phone companies wanted to Ministry of communications almost four billion dinars," returned to "a little overpriced but just for some fractures of those companies.

Bayati, "revealed the Ministry approached the Prime Minister to ensure payment of mobile phone companies ' debt, noting that the Ministry would resort to CMC failing repaid their debt as an implementer and overseeing contracts with those companies."

Inspector General said the Ministry of communications, shuwaili, that "the Office highlighted during the celebration on the obstacles facing the work of the Ministry as well as loopholes in the law of public inspectors and paragraphs that should be modified or added to activate work against corruption".

Shuwaili said, that "the Office continues to cooperate with other regulatory agencies as a body integrity or financial and other control Bureau against corruption and corrupt accounting and recover funds that didn't happen her Ministry during the past period," stressing the need "to support the Government of public inspectors offices and cooperation with citizens, to enable them to function optimally.

The offices of public inspectors in Iraq, established as an independent internal oversight entities, under the now defunct Coalition Provisional Authority order number (57) in 2004, with the objective of supporting professional bemlakat Prime eligible objective dedicated to improving the performance of the Ministry and to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse of power,

It was established in each of the ministries of the Iraqi State, in addition to Baghdad, the intelligence service and Broadcasting Authority (Iraqi media network), and some independent bodies, to implement an effective programme to subdue the performance review and audit of ministries, and higher levels of accountability and integrity and prevent waste, fraud and abuse and to prevent and identify them and illegal acts. "

But those offices were unable to curb rampant corruption in Iraq, which still tops the lists of "most corrupt", according to the relevant international actors, which led to calls to abolish offices, including leaks about the Prime Minister, Haidar Abadi, in (16 January 2016), under reforms to be implemented.