Hashemi: Soleimani passed me backed by Iran to terrorist organizations in Iraq (3 of 3)

Writings Thursday 19 May 2016
Revealed former Iraqi Vice President Tariq al - Hashemi said Ghasemi Soleimani had passed him in a meeting in Tehran in 2006 , the close relationship between Iranian intelligence and al - Qaeda , led by Abu Musab al - Zarqawi .. stressed that the storm beams a message to Iran that the nation would not hesitate to confrontation when exposed security or interests at risk , stressing Iran has to understand only the language of force and its invasion of colonial should face Anti project requires the use of all available means to address, including the use of force.

He Hashemi , who raised the international police , "Interpol" just days before his name permanently from the red list of internationally wanted in a lengthy interview with the "Culture "at his residence in Istanbul of Turkey that the demographic change that is happening in Iraq is through the displacement of the indigenous Arab residents and bring the Iranians or pro-Iranian their place and thus the fall of the province and joining the one that is now part of the Department of Iranian influence .. praised extended the Saudi air bridge to aid displaced Iraqis , adding that an extension to grant one billion dollars provided by Iraq in 2004, which disrupted al - Maliki spent his policies disastrous.

Here, the third section of the dialogue with al-Hashemi:

* Some parties Taathmk action against Iraq through your relationship with Qatar and Turkey? What is your response?

I have the right to ask the guide, I am a citizen like the national will over-interests under any circumstances, but I feel obliged to his service and to complete the construction , which began in the thirtieth of the last century uncles lates Yasin al-Hashimi , Taha Hashemi, on the other hand, if was among opponents of the Safavids just a guide no matter how simple to set up a minimum on - Hashemi and what they had to fabricate a crime issues they know who committed as a way to determine how and exclusion from the political scene, Qatar and Turkey , together with Saudi Arabia sought seriously and as early as in 2003 to encourage the Iraqis to co - existence and the formation of a government that represents everyone and seek to serve everyone, that is, to the founding of the state of citizenship and whether al - Hashimi has adopted this approach it is not to satisfy this or that country , but is simply Mqtadhaatalaml accordance with the Constitution. Arab identity of Iraq targeted Iran 's agenda and require removal of Iraq from its Arab environment at any cost and by all means this is not strange to hear the charges from time to time.

* Saudi Arabia has embarked extended Agathe airlift to help the displaced people of Anbar? what is your comment ? Otherwise , you should follow their other states the example of Saudi Arabia?

Kingdom has always been proactive in extending a helping hand to the people of Iraq, we will not forget the billion Dolaraam 2004 grant, which disrupted disbursement of Nuri al - Maliki his policies disastrous, and on this occasion to thank the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques on the initiative, the situation clans difficult and our families and it required the Marshall Gulf project which contributes to the GCC countries, and we hope our brothers in God after large.

* To what extent do you think the credibility of Iran's support for Iraq to counter Daash? And What is the purpose of that?

Will not believe Iran , even targeting Daash Iran also aimed at Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Daash and Maash are two sides of the same coin, and here I remember a speech Casey in Louisiana at a conference of the People 's Mojahedin in 2013 about the responsibility of Iran in the bombing of the shrine in Samarra and lecture Kuwaiti generalized Yasser Habib about Iran bombings in the city of Alsdroogira my Bakasmi Soleimani in Tehran in 2006 , when it was extracted recognition of the close relationship between the dealer News (intelligence) of Iran and Al Qaeda , Abu Musab al - Zarqawi. Daash stretched in Syria by Bashar al - Assad here in Iraq stretched by Nuri al - Maliki, this is not a coincidence but Iranian agenda.

* See large areas of Iraq , particularly Diyala operations demographic change as part of the sectarian cleansing campaign against the Sunnis? What is the purpose of them?

Demographic change is through the displacement of the indigenous Arab residents and bring the Iranians or pro-Iran and thus the fall of the province and joining the governorates , which is now part of the Department of Iranian influence, Iraqi border point of Iran by the province of Diyala constitute loin weaker, the closest border point from Baghdad When fall preserve Iranian influence in the clutches of the doors will be open for extended toward Baghdad and from there towards Arabia through Karbala and Nukhayib or west towards Syria , and that targeted Anbar or north Ptjah Salahuddin and Nineveh, and that is also aimed at Samarra.

* Do you think Sistani was right in calling for the formation of the popular crowd? Then , after it became clear sectarian approach for the crowd what he should have done?

In my opinion , the fatwa were not successful as long confined to the crowd Shiites and ask himself a substitute for the Army and Armed Forces, and the behavior of the crowd in Salahuddin, Diyala and belt of Baghdad in the looting and vandalism, deportation was enough to review and rectify the situation but he did not, this confirms that Sistani 's approach goes to the same religious leader in the formation of militias competing approach the regular armed forces, and thus exacerbated sectarian between people of the same people as the lost prestige of the state and eroding its institutions and weaken the power of public office.

* Exchange Sunni leaders in Anbar charges of blowing up the role of buildings in its struggle to contracting? How do you comment on that?

Whatever the motive is very unfortunate and the victim is the citizen, and the government of al - Abadi fueling this controversy when it costs nothing to do with the management of conservative views relief dossier to compete with the provincial council.

* Do not you think that most of the Sunni Arab leaders for a private audience I share the concerns of the displaced them, while they are living in a first class hotel outside?

Yes this behavior as a catastrophic failure of the vice squad, and I hope you remember the fans in the upcoming elections in order to improve selected.

Q : What is the extent of your relationship with the current Iraqi Islamic Party? Do not you think that his political role is receding?

Relationship with the party is Mabaki memories of joint work in the period of pre - my resignation in September of 2009, the party leadership did not contribute like other Sunni leaders in the defense Me , despite the conviction of my innocence of the false accusations, nor did it contribute to the easing the suffering of the families of members Hamaiati detained since 2011 and there are a lot of them unjustly sentenced to death despite the fact that many of them joined with me through the party 's nomination !!

* To what extent do you think that the packets storm in Yemen have succeeded in stopping the Iranian tide in the region?

Storm packets raised hopes for the ability of the nation to respond, which is a message to Iran that the nation would not hesitate to confrontation when exposed security or interests at risk but it is too early to say that the military operations during the year capable of addressing Iran 's breakthroughs and tremendous achieved by Iran in many Arab countries in light of inattention Arabs over the years, a healthy Arabs albeit belatedly the house cleaning Vistgrq time and evidence that despite the storm packets the arms of Iran are still active and stretched out sabotage in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran to understand the language of force , and we have the invasion of colonial project should face Anti project requires the use of all available means to address, including the use of force.

* Are after Islamic forces in Iraq , the experience of failure, and the decline of its role in Egypt and Tunisia believes that political Islam is facing a crisis? The causes and solution?

I understand that question means Sunni Islamist movements , which tested its potential in the framework of the transitional phase
of the Arab Spring and I think based on these experiences to be an objective review comprehensive.
It is the case with at the moment.

The International Police , "Interpol" has folded this week , the last page of the rule of the Iraqi judiciary on al - Hashemi to death to confirm to remove his name permanently from the red list of wanted to arrest a certain lack of conviction with the justifications provided by the Iraqi authorities for the verdict in Hashemi described the decision as confirmation that the charges laid by the Iraqi authorities to judge him void.
previously the Iraqi judiciary in the era of the second term of former Prime Minister Nuri al - Maliki issued on the ninth of Spettmraam 2012 sentenced to death in absentia against al - Hashemi for allegedly driving death squads in the country where he raised his cause tension between the political forces, especially among the Iraqi list led by Iyad Allawi and belongs to al - Hashemi, a coalition of state law , which belongs to al - Maliki.

Then Kurds entered in the crisis after being allowed Hashemi to stay in the Kurdistan region , the northern and refused to extradite him to the Baghdad government in the knowledge that his case does not exceed targeted personally before later moving to outside Iraq , where he was officially welcomed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

International has issued "Interpol" police from its headquarters in Lyon , France , in May 2012 , an international arrest warrant demanding assist States 190 member for "locate and arrest , " al - Hashemi , who issued warrant an Iraqi arrest in December 2011.