Canada agrees to increase the trainers ' 69-450 "and arming of Iraqi forces.

Since 2016-05-19 18:26 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad – the balance of news

The Canadian Government agreed Thursday to increase trained in Iraq and arming of Iraqi forces.

According to the Defense Department received/balance of news copy, "the Chief of army staff Lieutenant General Othman Al ghanmi greeted the Canadian delegation which included Ambassador and Chargé d'affaires and commercial attache delegation approved the arming of Iraqi forces with the latest equipment and machinery, and increase the number of trainers to" 450 "coach", pointing out that "the two sides discussed strengthening Iraqi relations Canadian at all levels and especially in the military field."

During the meeting, he said Al ghanmi, "this visit to make us feel happy and that we are not alone in the battle especially today Iraq is fighting on behalf of the whole world and we paid blood and sacrifices against the deadliest terrorist attack in history Canada has had a significant role in achieving victories through support and air support for the Iraqi armed forces" ko'kda "theme of displaced people in areas of Anbar, Salahuddin and Mosul and the need to develop plans to provide all necessities of life".

The Canadian Ambassador said in the same statement, "we are proud of our presence in Iraq and to work together and continue our dogmatic and moral obligation to stand with our allies to eradicate terrorism," adding that "in this regard we asked the Canadian Government to increase support in training and armament and advice have been approved the arming of Iraqi forces with the latest equipment and machinery as well as to increase the number of coaches of the special forces of the rising number of" 69 "to" 450 "coach deployed on training camps in Iraq, the Canadian Government also agreed to deploy aircraft Helicopter and appoint liaison officers in the Iraqi Defense Ministry and also having military adviser in Baghdad to reach higher levels of coordination and work alongside Iraqi security forces. " Over 29/34.