The effects and the UNESCO decision expected Muthanna marshes for inclusion in the World Heritage list

2016/05/19 17:16

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The local government organized for Muthanna Province, Thursday, pause your city streets, North-East of Samawah, conservative Center, (270 miles) South of Baghdad, to support the accession effects warido Marsh and Uruk and ur to the World Heritage list, with the Department of State invited UNESCO to intensify and sustain the momentum of the success of the accession process, stressed that UNESCO will vote during the next month on a resolution annexing those areas.

Governor of Muthanna said Falih Abdul Hassan, in an interview with frozen yogurt sugar (range), that "the local government in the County, organized today, solidarity in the city archaeological Uruk pause in cooperation with a number of media organizations and civil society organizations to support join your warido and effects of the marsh to the Uruk World Heritage list".

Called frozen yogurt, ministries of Foreign Affairs and culture, "tkithf their efforts to sustain the momentum of UNESCO Member States urged to vote on those stairs archeological World Heritage list", noting that "the local Government will provide all mandated requirements for voting on this file.

Frozen yogurt, the Central Government called "the allocation of funds for the roads into the city to facilitate access of foreign missions wishing to exploration or tourism, in addition to urging all nations of the world stand with Iraq to support a vote to join the World Heritage list.

Frozen yogurt, "said UNESCO will work after completing a vote on infrastructure development in Samawah," pointing out that "twenty States members of the Organization voted in mid-t next may on a decision to join the World Heritage list, including Angola, Nigeria and Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Croatia as well as Kuwait and Tunisia and Lebanon.

The Directorate of Muthanna earlier confirmed traces, archaeological excavations in the city leave that stretches for 25 years was awarded to the German side by the Department of Antiquities in 2013 after the German missions which stretched since 1915 until 1991 and is yet to cover only 5% of the archaeological City (9 miles) by specialists.

The city of Uruk in Muthanna Governorate in the North East of the city of Samawah, (270 miles) South of Baghdad, the oldest hand return to spend the Samawah who had followed the banner of Diwaniyah previously, Warka is of major areas in Iraq generally and Shinafiyah area greater in terms of size and population which contributed to its development and upgrading in terms of spending in 2007.

It is said that experts are specialists in tourism Government repeatedly calls necessary attention to archaeological and tourist areas in the country and, by completing the infrastructure necessary to manage global standards so that attract visitors from different parts of the year, especially that Iraq is the cradle of civilizations, and that these areas could be "a chicken lays one Iraqi economy columns, with observers point to a clear interest by the Government of religious tourism and the influx of foreigners from outside Iraq to religious Shiites will not Interest in developing other tourism side effects and not to attract tourists or developing archaeological sites that most needs great care.