Real Estate Bank: start receiving citizens ' applications for housing loans interest-4%

2016/5/19 13:14

[In Baghdad]

Detect General Manager of real estate Bank in Iraq rationalizing that branches in Baghdad began receiving applications wishing to obtain housing loans, after the Government allocated 834 billion Iraqi dinars for the purpose.

Khodair said in a press release that the loan amount, no less than 50 million and at least 5 million dinars and an interest rate of 4% per year on that payment over 10 years, noting that the loans granted for house building and construction also gives added for those wishing to purchase residential units.

He added that the conditions applying to at least 22 years of advanced age and not more than 55 years, and will later extend advanced age to 65 years, "Noting that" that process will take place without a sponsor will prop property is the sponsor.

Also called khudair "beneficiaries of this loan to expedite payment of monthly installments for the recycling of funds and possible inclusion of other beneficiaries as well as to avoid delay benefits up to 12% in the case of delayed payments.