Babel environment gives 23 approval of industrial and agricultural activities

2016/05/19 15:06


Department of environment announced in Babil, Thursday, giving environmental approval for 23 industrial, agricultural and service activities, while those approvals granted after examination by specialized teams.

The Director of Babel environment in rationalizing (range) Department of environment, environmental approval granted 23 industrial and agricultural activities, after screening by specialized teams with note apply to the instructions and conditions and environmental determinants as new environmental law ", noting that" seven of these the approvals granted to industrial activities which create cleaning plant and bottling dates, and plastic waste recycling plant, and plant for the manufacture of molasses, and food-packing plant, and plant for the production of plant for manufacture of doors and Windows.

Abbas said that four of those approvals granted in the agricultural sector, and create a project egg and vegetable feed plant and create a fish farm cages, fish breeding project in a way that CSS rules ", adding that" the 12 remaining approval granted to service projects.

The Department of the environment in the province of Babylon, announced 17 April 2016, giving environmental approval of 28 industrial and agricultural activities in the province, stressed that granting such approvals came after the detection field and note the application instructions and conditions and environmental determinants.