Enter the decision to refer the deputies and Ministers "almrshkin" to retire into effect

Since 2016-05-19 at 14:02 (Baghdad time)

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An official Iraqi newspaper facts diwani assignment of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers covered government baltrshik (I) to retire, and that's what makes the decision enters into force, have not been addressed to the Vice President.

General Manager us muhannad metallic ribs is in a statement to the Justice Department, that "new issue of the newspaper (4404) ensure compulsory insurance Act Amendment Act of car accidents (52) of 1980, plus civil procedure code Amendment Act (83), 1969, issue an order diwani assignment of Deputy Prime Ministers to retire (527) as issue decrees Republic".

He added that "no guarantee a resolution banning terrorist Islamic State sites all spider webs (10) of 2016, as resolution amending resolution (3 of 1987), issued by the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs.

He said, to "help services provided by the State Council (5) the year 2016 featured in this issue, in addition to help facilitate the implementation of the law on publication in the Official Gazette (78) of 1977, the number of statements of the central organ for standardization and quality control. Over 29/4 e