Canadian Ambassador participates in Iraq's economic forum with the participation of 80 business man.

Since 2016-05-19 at 14:37 (Baghdad time)

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Canadian Ambassador Bruno sakomani, Iraqi Economic Forum held in Iraq, attended by 80 businessmen from a number of provinces.

Iraqi Economic Council said in a statement/balance of news copy, "based on what was agreed in the Iraqi Economic Forum Canadian Economic Council of Iraq in cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Iraq Toronto (11/4), and your need to visit all Iraqi provinces by the Canadian Ambassador and the Embassy staff for economic reality and service."

He added, "that was trying to bring businesses to cooperate with local governments and companies had been scheduled prior to this visit by starting to visit three provinces of Najaf and Karbala are holy and Babylon".

The statement said that "the Canadian Ambassador and his entourage visited Najaf on Monday and met the reference Sheikh Isaac Fayad and Mr Mohammed Saeed Hakim, then the delegation has visited the shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH)".

And, that the Ambassador and his staff visited a unique social to attend Board of consolation in Hosseinieh area and provincial Council and the Deputy Minister and a number of committees in the province. "

He pointed out that "the Canadian delegation attended the Economic Forum held by the Iraqi Council to attend 80 businessmen from Karbala and Najaf, Babil and Baghdad."

The statement noted that "the delegation attended a meeting with the blessings of the grandsons of attaba and briefed through detailed explanation on many investment projects, health and agricultural services and successful commercial and residential.

And, on Wednesday, the Ambassador and his entourage completed his visit to Babylon, where he met with the Governor and visited historical ruins of Babylon ".

The Board promised by his Canadian delegation visits, "and is one of the fruits of the success of Iraqi Economic Forum and ECOSOC adopted Canadian."

He noted that "there's upcoming visit to the delegation to Basra and a number of other provinces, the end of this month." over 29/34