A Philippine company begins construction of three berths in the port of Um Qasr at a cost of 380 million dollars.

2016/06/18 09:55.


Iraqi ports, announced on Wednesday, the Philippine company to build three direct berths in the port of Um Qasr in Iraq ports development platform, with indicated that construction took place in accordance with international standards, cost is $ 380 million.

Port company, said in a statement received (range), a copy of it, the company contracting the joint Philippine employment contract to build and manage three berths on the other Bank of the northern port of Um Qasr in Iraq ports development platform to create 35 additional berth until 2018, started to lay the foundations for the three berths ", indicating that the total number would be 83 Wharf berths and will be able to accommodate 29 million tons for the same year.

Port added, "Philippine company work lighting for squares and pavements and d d bridge crane Rails and cables depending on technicians and experts Belgique and design drilling depth berths interface 12.5 m", stating that "all of these actions took place within the international standards as Chief Engineer and project manager further maiden that were present and addressed in all phases of construction.

Port company followed, to "work the sidewalks are a summary of the work of a number of ports in 27 countries around the world and managed by the same company where it was to take advantage of all the previous works similar to create sidewalks," expected "to complete the project on schedule."

The statement said the company would spend 380 million dollars on these three berths to make her latest ports in the world. "

It is said that UM Qasr port, which is located southwest of Basra, (590 km south of Baghdad), was created in 1965 with the Ministry of transport announced 2012 on two new released bisected to the name "Khor Abdullah.