Call demanding blocs searching for a way out ending the parliamentary crisis


BAGHDAD / long - Presse

The parliamentary advocate block called Wednesday to form a cross-sectarian majority bloc that believes in national politics, and demanded a meeting to find out the House crisis ends, she stressed respect for any decision by the Federal Court.

The Federal judiciary is preparing to consider appeals submitted House sessions held during the month of April last, 25th day of the month of May.

The Iraqi Parliament was announced, (8th of may 2016), resuming its Council, and called for MPs to be starting from (10 May), for the direct legislative and oversight functions in preparation for "public" meeting appointment be terminated next technical and substantive preparations for the building.

Block said in a statement sent to the parliamentary advocate (range), a copy of it, that "the mass held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Islamic Dawa party, Nouri al-Maliki and discussed the crisis in the country and the political, economic and security challenges."

Call block stressed "the need to find solutions and remedies to the political crisis facing Iraq and the beginning of the resumption of the House of representatives for his work and attend all the members on a unifying formula is consistent with the principles of reform and towards achieving its objectives in creating the Parliament in accordance with the requirements of the political process and challenges".

Cluster confirmed its adoption of the call by the President of the State of law coalition in finding a unifying language among House members from different parties to a common meeting for dialogue and find out "crisis ends, demonstrating their respect" any decision by the Federal Court as respects the desire of the political parties in the solutions being considered within existing dialogues. "

Call block called "parliamentary majority forming cross-sectarian national politics and believes emphasizes justice and citizenship and protect the homeland from terrorism and external interference and restore the prestige of the State against the outlaws and public order", stressing the need to "ensure the return of displaced families to their home areas after securing and demand that the Government pay attention to the slide and giving them rights and handle all problems facing them."

In turn, the State of law coalition leader said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, the Dawa party and Prime Minister Haider Abadi as its President, and stressed that the party "will not be a stumbling block if the political blocs agreed to change the three presidencies.

Mp Jassem Jaafar said in a talk to (run), "Dawa insists on his right to premiership and Haidar Abadi as Prime Minister, and there isn't any consultation within the party by alienating him or the Prime Minister," the media quoted "statement."

Jaafar said that "Prime Minister of the Islamic Dawa party right by agreement between the political blocs and electoral eligibility, Dawa will not be a stumbling block, if the political blocs agreed to change the three presidencies.