Tamimi: auction sale of the currency became the door to corruption and other makes of him a million dollars a month

at 16:37 (Baghdad time)

Special the balance of news
The parliamentary Finance Committee member, called Magda Tamimi, Wednesday, to cancel an auction to sell the currency at the Central Bank and opening credits Sindhi, indicating that an auction to sell the currency became the door to corruption and other makes of it a month million dollar profits without being possessed.
Tamimi said l/balance of news "auction selling currency became the door to corruption and there are people who are trading in the Bank's money and banks", noting that "some people got their profits to $ 1 million per month and they do not possess the dinar.
She added, "the best solution is opening credits Sindhi and cancel auction selling currency add to review salaries have presidencies Iraq safe from financial distress and provide money instead of flooding the country with debt.
She was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee on Tuesday confirmed Tamimi Magda, Iraq does not need International Monetary Fund loan being Papa will corruption and bear the consequences for the Iraqi people, with the World Bank Governor criticized the move to claim the loan and sell the Bank daily more than 126 million dollars less over estimates 29/h 33
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