Commercial sector

5/19/2016 0:00

Thamer Alheims

There is not answered , reasonably specific and justifiable to not to return for opening letters of credit for the purposes of import , this dollar bleeding from Rsidina must be curbed to stop the losses that began effect at all levels appears, especially after the decline in the price of oil and the war against Daash.

It must be diagnosed with the merits of ( the problem or crisis or impasse) so as to put the first brick standard economically represented a return to open the letter of credit , which he followed in time (Royal Republic), impasse is that the third sector (commercial service) is not a newborn from the womb of the agricultural and industrial sectors, but it does practically in the internal economic their course, sector third Rei , and to serve unilateral privilege, how his current situation can be a partner in economic development?

The service sector Bmassarvh still very limited in terms of its share in the GDP , which amounts to 5.1 percent, as it invokes an exit large proportion of the convertibility of the dollar sales to return merchandise is matching to import license (quantity and quality) as a result of

Perhaps this may be grounds that private banks constrained by family - run Such argument is not convincing , because a large part of banks , the world family, but the property is separated from the capital management, as well as Article 28 of the banks that do not encourage labor law outside the financial sector and it is still an effective pretext of industrial and agricultural work hazards.

What enhances the environment incubator for external converter is that the real Iraqi capital absent or marginalized what makes random import process «hen that lays golden eggs» service for the commercial sector.

To meet this bleeding in the currency to be to return to the opening credits do not Aagaf loss magnified with the financial health and to curb money laundering operations in this way and to ensure the safety of imported quality and quantity, and after the opening credit must direct the revitalization and activation of quality control full responsibility for the quality and conformity with the standards level and loaded Iraq.

It is also necessary to encourage banks to participate in the reconstruction of laboratories stalled in the public and private sectors, and the call to the palm of the indiscriminate importation of goods recreational competition for our production through import license issued by the Ministry of Commerce after the support of the ministries of industry and agriculture.