Allawi accused the authority of not heeding to people 's lives and calls for interim government


(Independent) .. accused the president of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the government of not heeding the lives of people, indicating that it has been able to secure itself at the time failed to protect the lives of the people.

Allawi said in a statement issued by his office received (independent) a copy of "What happened and is happening in Iraq, calling to wonder and amazement, while the authority has succeeded in protecting and fortifying itself and maintain security in the only safe and good area in wounded Iraq, but failed to return, and fully in the protection of our good people who just did not taste the taste of misery and deprivation. "

This is a promise that "shows how the power of public indifference to the lives of people after he became martyrs and the wounded just numbers mentioned in the media."

"It is enough Enough is this decent people who sees the bounty plundered and wasted and sanctities violated and his sons slaughtered over time, terrorism wreaking havoc to express his rejection of this painful reality and bitter through demonstrations and protests and sit-ins peaceful included the whole of Iraq, where only the Iraqi flag was lifted, rejecting quotas obnoxious, demanding this is to save the country from destruction and corruption. "

He said Allawi to "What is happening is not a new phenomenon but is the result of accumulation lasted for several years due to mismanagement and lack of vision and narrow interests and not negligent and corrupt and the perpetrators of this miserable situation in Iraq, where he arrived to account."

He said he did not take part since 2005 in power and "I called my colleagues not to sign up and you're right about that, as I found out later that my participation and for a short few months did not exceed the Vice President of the Republic."

He explained that the agreement was "to be the supervisor of the national reconciliation file, is that the authority were not serious and she did not want reconciliation under miserable and disappointed a political process that produced the power and contributed to the destruction and devastation of this great country."

Allawi stressed that "the only way to save the country than it is to form an interim government does not nominate themselves in the next elections, which are made in the roof of a time period not to exceed two years."

He said the interim government functions tied to the military and political victory over extremism and terrorism and to mobilize the energies of our people and our armed forces nationally and in full and to achieve national reconciliation and out of the political and sectarian quotas abhorrent and accountability of the corrupt and uncover them and bring them to justice, and also caused landslides of the country, they should also receive their just penalty

He also said it "a fair and transparent election legislation election law and another new Supreme Electoral Commission and its extensions, and come Bakanonaan and independent judges, academics and not within the concept of quotas and to come this election who come."

He also called for addressing the economic situation deport Semiconductor experts and commissioned full of integrity, efficiency and real economic experts and Mguetdran body.