Blast: fraud and corruption of large ports and where security forces timid presence

Since 2016-05-18 at 20:25 (Baghdad time)

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Detect Basra Governorate Council Member Hossam Abu hail, Wednesday, about having a big rigging corruption operations in Basra ports under the control of the Ministry of transport and a timid presence of security forces.

Abu hail/scales news that "Basra Council person operations within the ports of rigging models of cars to avoid fraud or customs documents for goods as the origins of sober expired foodstuffs and corrupt introduced false dates without detection by conservative health."

He added that "the Council has numerous observations on the work of ports in the absence of the supervision of the Ministry of transport control center security forces presence is shy."

The company said Iraqi ports, today, about eight docking giant cruise ships I berths ports of Um Qasr and Khor Zubayr during 48 hours loaded with various kinds of merchandise over 29/h 33