Iraqi Interior: Raise Hashemi name from the list of most wanted international does not cancel as required

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - May 18 / May
: effects of international police decision "Interpol" Raising the former vice president of the Iraqi republic's name, sentenced to death in absentia in Iraq, Tareq al-Hashemi from the list of international wanted reactions Iraqi between rejecting and welcoming as the interior said that the move did not cancel It is needed and wanted in Iraq.

The Iraqi Interior Ministry has confirmed, on Tuesday evening, that the lifting of the International Police Organization (Interpol), the convicted Tareq al-Hashemi of the red list name and its refusal to include it in again "does not eliminate as needed and wanted" by Iraqi judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies in accordance with the provisions issued against him.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement, said that the ministry "would like to explain to public opinion the facts relating to throughput of some of the media regarding the deletion of the accused convicted Tareq al-Hashemi name from the red notice of Interpol," indicating that "the Central Investigating Court in Karkh, issued an international arrest warrant and Information Bulletin right accused Tariq Ahmed Bakr al-Hashemi, contained to the Ministry of the Interior through the presidency of the public prosecutor. "

Ministry said, adding that it "made by Arab and International Police Directorate, approached the Arab Criminal Police Office and the General Secretariat of Interpol under the request for a radio station for the purpose of issuing international research and publication red Moumi against him."

The ministry added that "the international newsletter red numbered (A-5 / 3261-2012) issued against the accused (the seventh of May, 2012), and that the General Secretariat of Interpol / Oversight Committee, the Ministry was informed that the above-mentioned Apply a complaint by agents of lawyers on the basis of Article 18 of the treatment of data which provides for the right of persons subject of international police cooperation to see the data Law, on the subject of international publication red issued at the request of the Iraqi authorities and asked for their answer to the questions contained in their message was a notice of the Supreme Judicial Council - presidency of the public prosecutor's Central Criminal Court, It has been provided to the Secretariat of Interpol - control Commission with the information requested. "

The ministry said that "the General Secretariat of Interpol Office of Legal Affairs, informed us pursuant to its letters in (the ninth of March 2013), that, based on the recommendation of the Control of INTERPOL's files, the abolition of the Red Notice and delete information on the accused subject of research of the organization's database," pointing that "the Arab and international police Directorate of the Ministry, the notification in the Supreme Judicial Council presidency prosecutors letters under No. book 9916 in (the tenth of October 2013), and the presidency asked public prosecutors indicate whether the right of the international Organization deleted and deleted information from the database and the abolition red Notice on its own without a request from the requesting State. "

The Interior Ministry confirmed that "the Arab and International Police Directorate approached the Interpol General Secretariat of the reasons for the abolition of the International Bulletin of the red in spite of its compliance with the conditions and controls all own version, and to provide the Secretariat with queries all about the case," asserting that "the Interpol General Secretariat replied to the Directorate of her letter dated (second from March 2014), that the information on the accused in question has been removed on the recommendation of the Commission for the control of INTERPOL's Files. "

The Ministry of the Interior that "Major General Chairman of the National Central Arab Bureau of Interpol in Baghdad, the Iraqi Interior Ministry, held a meeting with the Oversight Committee during the tenth conference of the heads of national offices and inquire about the reasons for cancellation of the Red Notice, though, that they were issued in accordance with standards accredited to the organization and between the red bulletin does not eliminate the role of the Iraqi judicial authorities as suspects remain unless waived in his charges by the Iraqi judiciary, and the possibility of requesting the issuance of new red notice, according to data and new evidence given against the accused and asked the Oversight Committee to provide new evidence to condemn the right of the accused in question. "

She stressed the ministry, it "had approached the Interpol General Secretariat under the book Arab and International Police Directorate No. 11001 at (26 October 2014), in order to reconsider issuing red notice, the General Secretariat of Interpol replied under her letter in the (second from March 2015), as It will not issue the international Bulletin of the red again, "emphasizing that" the abolition of the red Notice against the accused does not eliminate the above being accused wanted by the Iraqi judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies in accordance with the provisions issued against him. "

In his first reaction to the decision (Interpol), the former member of the House of Representatives and National Security Advisor Muwaffaq al-Rubaie uncover the reasons for the decision of the International Police (Interpol) and the Iraqi authorities carry responsibility for that.

Rubaie said in a press statement that "Tariq al-Hashimi condemned by the Iraqi judiciary has committed numerous crimes provided on the track out of Iraq called on the Iraqi authorities to coordinate with the international police Interpol to arrest him and hand him over to Iraq in order to obtain a fair punished."

"The Interpol called on Iraq with evidence proving Hashemi crimes involved," noting that "Iraq authorities provided evidence and documents but were not scientific means and is integrated and coordinated making it weak and live up to condemn al-Hashemi, according to the International Police constitution."

He ruled out the spring "of collusion by the International Police with Tariq al-Hashemi or the party that is bound to."

MP for the coalition of state law Kamel al-Zaidi saw that Turkish attempts Gulf are underway to launch the release of the convicted to death former MP Ahmed al-Alwani, after the acquittal of Mohammed al-Daini and raise Tareq al-Hashemi name from the red list of the International Police Organization (Interpol).

Zaidi said a press statement that "the government bears responsibility for what happened in Tariq al-Hashemi file and remove his name from the red list of Interpol international police," noting that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi neglected follow up on those issues and to hold criminals and those involved."

He added that "there are attempts to exonerate sentenced to death Ahmed al-Alwani, which is part of the plot and the management of Saudi -trki as happened acquitted Mohammed al-Daini and now Tareq al-Hashemi." According to the recipe.

The head of the National Forces Union Ahmed electrodes, welcomed the international police decision, he said, "The decision of this international organization underlines the lack of conviction of the information submitted to it and built, in fact, the accusations are baseless fabrications and allegations different aim was political to cover up the previous government's failure and Avcaalha crises to convert attention from what the suffering of the Iraqi people as a result of the worsening political problems and landslides security and a lack of services and rampant corruption in the whole state institutions and Staff. "

He electrodes that "the rejection of international justice for many of the charges and verdicts against a number of politicians as with the case of Mr. Tariq al-Hashemi embodies clearly the size of the pressures that were exerted on the Iraqi judiciary to force him to make judgments unfair trumped-up charges against political partners," noting that it came "for refusing to exclusion and marginalization policy and the abolition of the other, which was practiced by the former government against its critics."

The Iraqi judiciary has issued five death sentences against Tareq al-Hashemi, after being found guilty of 150 bombing and assassination during the period from 2005 to 2011, while the rejection of al-Hashemi those provisions, stressing that it will not return to Iraq unless he has assurances "to ensure his security fair and trial." Q ended