Impeccable looking with MDC ways to resume parliamentary sessions

2016/5/18 12:04

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

search President Fouad Massoum with General Coordinator of MDC Nushirwan Mustafa ways to enable Parliament to resume its sessions.

According to a statement by the infallible Office received {Euphrates news} "version the President met Wednesday evening in Sulaymaniyah and movement coordinator to discuss political developments at the national and regional levels, stating that" he welcomed the signing of the political agreement between the PUK and the MDC today wishing to succeed all affinity Kurdistan arena and cooperation among political forces on the Iraqi scene, stressing the importance of continuing dialogue and understanding. "

The statement added that "discussed ways to enable Parliament to resume its legislative and regulatory powers of constitutional practice in preparation for the completion of reforms and economic and financial problems, security and the fight against corruption." All over