Talabani will visit the infallible and underlines the importance of promoting understanding and dialogue to overcome the political crisis

2016/5/18 12:15

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

visited President Fouad Massoum DD Wednesday arrival in Sulaymaniyah former President Jalal Talabani to express his deep pride historical leadership position as very pleased for the significant improvement in his health.

A presidential statement received Agency {news Euphrates} copy of it today as an infallible Talabani here signing the political agreement between the PUK and the MDC today, hoping to succeed this agreement document and deepen relations and rapprochement between Kurdistan forces all developed to serve citizens and protect their interests and promote solidarity and cooperation among Iraqi political forces.

The President reviewed the statement during the meeting attended by hero Ibrahim Ahmad and a number of members of the political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, as well as a number of consultants, the importance of promoting understanding and dialogue to make efforts to overcome the current political crisis facing Iraq again noted the importance of inspired statesmanship shown by President Talabani during cornering and crises and national perspective perfectionist the supreme interests of the people and the country in different periods, he noted the leading role in the consolidation and convergence of national forces, both during the period of struggle against Dictatorship or after its collapse in 2003.

The statement noted that "fasting during the meeting recalled the anniversary of 41 years to write the first PUK statement on 22/5/1975 and its conditions and progressive libertarian goals."
The statement said "Talabani President welcomed to visit and feelings of deep pride made the infallible leader".