Incorporate 331 schools affected by the reconstruction scale terrorist operations

2016/5/18 14:32

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Reconstruction Fund included the areas affected by the terrorist attacks affected school 331 of terrorist operations in the reconstruction agenda, discussed with a number of civil society organizations with participation in fund raising efforts for reconstruction projects.

In a statement to the reconstruction fund, received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "President Abdel Basset Turki Saeed met Wednesday, directors of education in the provinces affected by terrorist attacks, where they discussed the needs of schools affected by the terrorist attacks partly and wholly and solutions to the challenges facing this sector including finance".

Abdel Basset during the encounter that "file rebuild and rehabilitate schools destroyed by terrorism is a priority for the Fund's work, stating that" the number of schools listed in the table of reconstruction in this safer reach 331 school totally and partially damaged. "

He pointed out that the "Fund will build and rehabilitate damaged schools which are still under the control of armed groups if edit and saving money crisis."

By another meeting Abdel Basset, a number of representatives of organizations on "the role of civil society organizations working in the affected provinces of terrorist operations in fund raising for vinegar", stating that "fundamental and effective partner organizations, especially at this stage."

"The President of the Fund discussed with representatives of these organizations the details of projects to be implemented under emergency development project loan by the World Bank to the Government of Iraq to rehabilitate {4} in {7} districts in prefectures {Diyala, Salahuddin}, in addition to studying other regions needs priorities other prefectures in the event additional funding".