Deputy propose to the leaders of the National Alliance initiative to convene a parliamentary session "without bidding . "

2016-05-18 20:25:01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

MP for mass independent Mohammed al - Shammari, Wednesday, leaders and members of the National Alliance to take a position commensurate with the serious challenges faced by the country, pointing out that the chance of the National Alliance exceeded his differences "narrow" still exist, as suggested led initiative to convene a parliamentary session . " without posturing "by any party from the coalition.

Al - Shammari said in a statement: "We call on the leaders and members of the National Alliance , with all blocs and addresses to take a position commensurate with the size of these dangerous and meet the blood generously shed at the hands of terrorism challenges , " noting that " the opportunity still exists because beyond the narrow differences National Alliance reaffirms his true intentions in defend the interests of the people and the fans, as well as that it would be an important step toward defusing these crises. "

Shammari said that " the success of the alliance to take such an initiative will have positive repercussions on the level reconsider relations mass of each other and what it could be like the common vision and unity of attitude toward the country 's issues and on the relationship level with other partners in order to restore his mind and the important role in maintaining the political process and democracy and stability, adding that "this initiative will go a way for those who want to exploit the crisis for partisan and factional narrow gains."

He suggested Shammari the National Alliance leaders, that "take the initiative to take a bold and courageous stand to convene a meeting of the House of Representatives is committed to attend First of all deputies of the 183 - member National Alliance even encourage the rest of the blocks to attend, and to be unconditionally and speculations of any party or address of the parties and addresses of the National Alliance. "

He Shammari, that " the situation is returned more likely and everyone that is of that blood of Iraqis , most expensive and the most precious of all personal and partisan interests", calling for the allocation of parliamentary session to "discuss the political and security dangerous developments and to move the legislative and regulatory process until a Federal Court decision It will be binding on all parties. "

He called al - Shammari all the political blocs, to "rise above differences and interests and leave the trading of heart language to achieve political gains on the national interest expense and the lives of Iraqis , " noting that " the Iraqi people of all factions and colors to Aehmh what some politicians wrestle it from the interests and gains, the spoils narrow and interested today blessed homeland security and a stable and prosperous. "

And witnessing the Iraqi political situation strained evolution after demanding the replacement of the current ministerial cabin another technocrat, high ceiling demands to include the change of the three presidencies, to be then just replace five ministers and the postponement of the parliamentary session , which was dedicated to changing the entire cabin due to lack of quorum, prompting protestors angry to break into green Zone and the parliament building, and sit Square celebrations center of the capital, before the committee supervising announce the sit - ins to withdraw from the region.