Health announces the recovery of embezzled 400,000 dollars for the health of Nineveh salaries

2016-05-18 19:45:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Ministry of Health announced a $ 400 thousand dollars embezzled the salaries of the staff of Nineveh Health Department.

He said the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health jurist Ahmed al - Saadi said the staff different administrative levels divested of this amount and acted it away from the computational responsibility through an agreement with the banking civil company where payment has been deposited with the civil banking firm commissions for the purpose of operating in the markets.

" The payment has been retrieving the efforts of our office, and employees were referred to the competent courts."
The governor of Nineveh province of Sultan Hamud detect theft of the employees of the health of Nineveh , for the months of January and February salaries amounting to more than 12 billion Iraqi dinars.

And it announced later on the referral of those involved the disappearance of the health of maintaining the integrity salaries, including Director General of the Department authenticity Khaled al - Bayati.

Sultan was revealed on Thursday the seizure of the amount of Nineveh Health stolen in the capital Baghdad salaries.