Shammari: Sitters House of Representatives are ready to sit at the dialogue table to resolve the crisis
History Tahrir:: 2016/5/18 10:17 156 times mqrwh

{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced parliamentary bloc, a coalition of national chairman Kadhim al-Shammari, Wednesday, protesters ready for the House of Representatives for dialogue with the Committee of Five problem in the House.

Al - Shammari said in a press release agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, " The five -member committee which was formed in parliament, contacted us for dialogue on the current crisis, we have shown a willingness to sit at a table and talk and open all the contentious files provided that the dialogue with us As representatives front reform and not a national coalition.

" He added that" the front 's readiness for dialogue comes from the door of the power and the desire not to accuse us of trying to disrupt the political process, that we were more people in order not sucked the situation in Iraq into a dark tunnel. " He said Shammari, said that" the elimination of quotas and partisanship and corruption and the distribution of positions on the basis of ingredients was and is and will remain within the red lines that will not give them up during any round of dialogue, because it represents constants upon which the front. " the head of parliament Saleem al - Jubouri earlier announced the formation of a parliamentary committee to negotiate with the protesters of Representatives, to join the sessions Alberlman.anthy